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With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran
Gareth Porter | thegrayzone.com | 2020-04-30
An investigation of supposed Iranian nuclear documents presented in a dramatically staged Netanyahu press conference indicates they were an Israeli…

BRICS ministers demand removal of US sanctions amid outbreak
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-30
TEHRAN, Apr. 30 (MNA)

Russia's coronavirus cases surpass 100,000 following record daily rise
rt.com | 2020-04-30
Russia has recorded its highest daily increase in Covid-19 infections, with more than 7,000 new cases emerging on Thursday. The nationwide tally of coronavirus patients now stands at over 106,000. | In the past 24 hours, 7,099 more people tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the government's emergency response team revealed. Over half of these cases were located in Moscow and the surrounding region, while Russia's second-largest city, St. Petersburg, appears third in the grim ranking. | The updates came after Dmitry Peskov, Russia's presidential spokesman, suggested the country will reach a coronavirus p…

Batch of nuclear fuel delivered to Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-30
TEHRAN, Apr. 30 (MNA)

US' maximum pressure failing against nuclear deal's internal strength
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-30
TEHRAN, Apr. 30 (MNA)

George Soros Wants You to Believe Russia Is a Danger to World Peace, Turkey's Erdogan an Angel
Philip Giraldi | thealtworld.com | 2020-04-29
George Soros is a billionaire Hungarian-born investor who is extremely controversial due to his promotion of what he chooses to define as democracy and free-trade movements, primarily conducted through the Open Society Foundations, which he founded and has funded with $32 billion, according to one estimate. He contributed to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, which has in part led to conservative politicians in the United States and elsewhere frequently citing Soros when complaining about politically motivated interference in support of a progressive agenda for the United States and also globally.

George Soros Wants You to Believe Russia Is a Danger to World Peace, Turkey’s Erdogan an Angel

With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran
Gareth Porter | thealtworld.com | 2020-04-29
An investigation of supposed Iranian nuclear documents presented in a dramatically staged Netanyahu press conference indicates they were an Israeli fabrication designed to trigger US military conflict with Iran. | President Donald Trump scrapped the nuclear deal with Iran and continued to risk war with Iran based on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim to have proven definitively that Iran was determined to manufacture nuclear weapons. Netanyahu not only spun Trump but much of the corporate media as well, duping them with the public unveiling of what he claimed was the entire secret Iranian "nuclear…

With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran

"Belt and Road" Regionalization: Pakistan's Gwadar Port Opens Afghan Trade to the World
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2020-04-29
The successful opening of Gwadar Port to Afghanistan lays the basis for expanding this trade network to Central Asia and Russia via N-CPEC+, which sets a positive example for how BRI-led regionalization can rejuvenate globalization after the coronavirus is finally …

Western Accusations of Russian Interference in Libya in Favor of Haftar's LNA
Paul Antonopoulos | globalresearch.ca | 2020-04-29
Marshal Khalifa Haftar of the Libyan National Army (LNA) has declared that his forces will take control of Libya, arguing that the UN-negotiated unity agreement is dead. The statement was made during a televised speech, in which Haftar reported …

BRICS Countries Seek Ways to Mitigate COVID-19's Impact
telesurenglish.net | 2020-04-29
The BRICS countries discussed on Tuesday night the actions to be taken by the bloc's member nations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. | RELATED: | G20 Summit: BRICS Pushes For 'Democratic International Order' | The debate took place during the Extraordinary Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the BRICS countries, held on the evening of Tuesday 28 April via videoconference. | The virtual meeting was chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. | The Ministers of F…

Tehran, Moscow emphasize political solution for Yemeni crisis
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-29
TEHRAN, Apr. 29 (MNA)

Why America's Enemy Is England, Not Russia
Andrey Areshev | strategic-culture.org | 2020-04-29
Eric ZUESSE | America's sole enemy during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) was England. Ever since being defeated in that war, England (controlled by the British aristocracy) has tried various ways to regain its control over America. The British aristocracy's latest attempt to regain control over America started in 1877, and continues today, as the two countries' "Deep State"

The Victory America Won for Fascism and Nazism After WWII
Andrey Areshev | strategic-culture.org | 2020-04-29
This article is about the role ideology actually played in World War II, the Cold War, and plays in today's world. The links here provide access to deeper explorations, regarding each linked issue. Links are provided instead of notes, because all of the sources here are freely available online, and because in the digital era (as we now are) notes are archaic except when a source is not available online. Readers who are interested in the documentation at any point can instantaneously access that in the article's online version simply by clicking onto the link. Readers who aren't interested in ideology won't be int…

Who will be the winners in a post-pandemic economy?
graham | truepublica.org.uk | 2020-04-28
Businesses that use cloud computing will not buckle under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. Further automation and artificial intelligence will enhance the resilience of supply chains. The shift from cash to digital payments is clearly accelerating. Chair of the sustainable finance committee at UBS highlighted that 31 countries have lifted contactless payment limits this …

US elites use Russiagate playbook to blame China and promote hostility
Aaron Maté | thegrayzone.com | 2020-04-25
The US establishment is demonizing China over the COVID-19 crisis with a familiar Russiagate playbook of specious claims, fear-mongering, and…

[Correspondence] Health access inequities and magic medicine: the first ancient evidence?
Liubomira Romanova, Charles Stépanoff, Norbert Telmon, Eric Crubézy | thelancet.com | 2020-04-25
Inequities in access to the latest advances in health care and effective drugs constitute public health problems today,1 but was this also the case in ancient societies when practitioners used traditional medicines with limited means? The excavation of frozen graves in Yakutia (present day eastern Siberia, Russia) dating from 1700 CE2 led to the identification of a woman, buried almost naked, covered with a magnificent robe and with half a horse bit in her mouth (figure). The other half of the horse bit was found in the trunk behind her head with her earrings, bracelets, and signet rings.

[Perspectives] Medicine and meteorology: Cloud, connectivity, and care
Pearse A Keane, Eric J Topol | thelancet.com | 2020-04-25
The evolution of many professions has been driven by technological innovation and the need to overcome real-world challenges. The combination of advanced computing power with large datasets in areas as diverse as baseball, political polling, and economic forecasting has driven both the science of prediction and its practical application. There is much that can be learned from this technology for health care in the coming years, and the field of weather forecasting could be singularly instructive.

A Myriad of Ways to Wage Peace During These Times
Jon Rainwater | peaceaction.org | 2020-04-23
As we shelter in our homes to protect ourselves from this global pandemic, we wanted to share some of the many ways you can remain active and impactful in the work for a more peaceful world. Peace Action has long been a leader in organizing international conferences, marches, and rallies around the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty …

Rosneft Dodges US Sanctions by Transferring Venezuela Operations to Russian State Firm
Paul Dobson | venezuelanalysis.com | 2020-03-30
Moscow insists that its support for the Venezuelan government and role in its oil industry will remain unchanged.

US Air Force Claims It's Ready to Use Nuclear Arsenal Despite Coronavirus Pandemic
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
The COVID-19 outbreak has not spared the American military affecting two of its aircraft carriers, several foreign bases, and at least 6,754 servicemen.

Russia Calls on US and Iran to Exercise 'Maximum Restraint' Amid Escalating Tensions
Sputnik News | iranian.com | 2020-04-29
Tensions between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf grew after American troops conducted drills in the region, despite complaining that Iranian boats had "harassed" their vessels. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called on the US and Iran to exercise "maximum restraint' in the Persian Gulf region and not fall for provocations. "Moscow has …

Failing to Bring Iran to Its Knees Zarif Tells Pompeo to Stop Dreaming About Return to JCPOA
Sputnik News | iranian.com | 2020-04-27
The Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Iran nuclear deal in 2018, forcing the deal's remaining signatories to scramble to try to save it. On Sunday, US media reported that Secretary of State Pompeo was preparing to argue that Washington was actually still a party to the agreement. Iranian …