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Geostrategic Factors: Will China Wins "World War C"
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2020-04-14
The New Cold War between the US and China abruptly took a new form following the global outbreak of COVID-19, but Beijing still has a solid chance of coming out on top in this struggle for global leadership if it …

On COVID-19 And Internationalism Or Extinction
Noam Chomsky | zcomm.org | 2020-04-14
Interview on the coronavirus pandemic in the context of neoliberal capitalism's failures, climate change, potential nuclear disaster, and Donald Trump's authoritarianism…

Prague Shows No Respect to Russians Who Liberated It from Nazism
Paul Antonopoulos | globalresearch.ca | 2020-04-14
Marshal Ivan Konev, the famous Soviet general who was responsible for liberating most of Eastern Europe from Nazi Germany and its allies has been a figure of respect. He has been immortalized in a series of busts and statues …

The Cuban Missile Crisis and US Terrorist Campaigns Against Cuba
Shane Quinn | globalresearch.ca | 2020-04-14
Perhaps the most serious revelation to have emerged from the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, is President John F. Kennedy's willingness to knowingly increase the possibility of nuclear war by up to 50%. | US General David Burchinal, …

'Coronavirus is affecting EVERYBODY': Chinese virologists urge govts to act on Covid-19 as they share frontline experience with RT
rt.com | 2020-04-14
Top Chinese virologists, who were invited to share their experience with Russian colleagues, have revealed how their country tackled Covid-19. They also urged governments to 'get real' about the unprecedented threat to humanity. | A medical task force was sent to Russia from China on a humanitarian mission last weekend. Two of its members gave their take on the developing pandemic in an exclusive interview with RT. | They warned that Covid-19, which has killed more than 120,000 people around the globe, must be taken seriously because of its contagiousness, the likes of which have rarely been seen before. | Rea…

Russian Covid-19 cases exceed 21,000 after Putin warns country faces 'extraordinary crisis'
rt.com | 2020-04-14
The day after President Vladimir Putin told Russians that the next few weeks will be "decisive" in the battle with coronavirus, the country has posted a new daily record rise in infections, with 2,774 new cases discovered. | Over two-thirds (1,949) were found in Moscow and its surrounding region, with others dotted around the country. The national total now stands at 21,102. | Worryingly, the remote northern Komi Republic is Russia's fourth most affected region overall. The resource-rich territory recorded 97 fresh Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, bringing its tally to 305, with three dead. | Twenty-two new deaths h…

Covid-19 isolation could lead to DIVORCE EPIDEMIC, according to Russian expert
rt.com | 2020-04-14
It's only April, but 2020 is certain to be remembered for more than just the fact that its first two digits match its second pair of digits. It has been one of those years in which, to paraphrase Vladimir Lenin, "decades happen." | …

Russian MPs approve bill on dual citizenship for foreigners in 1st reading
rt.com | 2020-04-14
The lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, has approved the first reading of the bill, according to which foreigners no longer have to give up their existing citizenship when being granted the Russian one. | Currently, when applying for Russian citizenship, foreigners must confirm that they had addressed their country's corresponding bodies in order to give up their original citizenship. The new bill cancels this requirement. | Chairman of the Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov said that previously this measure was in place onl…

Russian FM calls US sanctions inhuman, illegal action
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-14
TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA)

China moves to block new coronavirus flare-up on Russian border
The Canary | thecanary.co | 2020-04-14
China is facing a new coronavirus flare-up along its remote northern border with Russia.The frontier has been sealed and emergency medical units rushed to the area to prevent travellers from bringing the virus back from overseas.The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic began in China, which is now striving to keep the virus out while other countries struggle to bring their own outbreaks under control.The long, porous border of Heilongjiang province and neighbouring Inner Mongolia has much less travel than major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. But it is a popular alternative route into the country.Many Chinese live a…

Anti-Iran sanctions amid COVID-19 battle sign of US 'state terrorism'
en.mehrnews.com | 2020-04-14
TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA)

Russian FM Lavrov holds video conference with international journalists to discuss pressing global issues amid Covid-19 pandemic
rt.com | 2020-04-14
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will host a video conference attended by international media to discuss key issues, as the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic. | The unorthodox press briefing will be attended by fifteen journalists from Russia and across the world. Lavrov, who is currently in Moscow, is expected to touch on a range of current international topics during the video conference.

Fire in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Put Out, Several Days Needed to Douse Afterburn – Emergency Service
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-14
Hundreds of Ukrainian firefighters and local volunteers have been involved in extinguishing forest fires in the abandoned regions surrounding the site of the infamous nuclear disaster.

Covid-19 strikes Moscow's LEGENDARY Bolshoi Theater, dozens of staff test positive
rt.com | 2020-04-14
Coronavirus has been detected in the Presidential Administration and other top Russian institutions. Thus, it was probably just a matter of time before a few cases were reported in the country's most famous opera and ballet house. | Despite being closed since March 15, and with rehearsals having been suspended 10 days later, 34 staff members at Moscow's world-famous Bolshoi Theater have tested positive for the virus. | | © Sputnik / Vladimir Astapkovich | Testing was conducted prior to a nationally televised concert called 'We Are Together,' held in support of those fighting the spread of Covid-19 in Ru…

Russia yet to reach coronavirus peak
yenisafak.com | 2020-04-14
Russia has not yet reached the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.Speaking via video conference at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, Putin said extraordinary measures should be taken to stem the spread of the novel virus, expressing hope that Russian scientists will be able to create a vaccine soon."Russia is very actively working on medicines, special means to fight the pandemic, and vaccines. Indeed, the work is going well. I hope that we will be able to share the results with you in the near future," he said.On the economic fallout of the virus, he said members of the…

Wildfire rips through Chernobyl's exclusion zone, raging just TWO MILES from crippled nuclear plant (PHOTO, VIDEO)
rt.com | 2020-04-13
Ukrainian firefighters are struggling to contain a blaze raging near Pripyat, in the contaminated area heavily hit by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, as a wall of fire creeps dangerously close to its abandoned nuclear power plant. | Due to strong winds on Monday, the flames crossed over a firebreak and reached Yanov railway station near the town of Pripyat, the agency in charge of the exclusion zone said in a statement. Maps show that the station is located just three kilometers (1.9 miles) away from the ill-fated power plant. | Yaroslav Emelianenko, a member of the public council at that agency, described the…

Brave New Normal
C. J. Hopkins | dissidentvoice.org | 2020-04-13
So the War on Populism is finally over. Go ahead, take a wild guess who won. I'll give you a hint. It wasn't the Russians, or the white supremacists, or the gilets jaunes, or Jeremy Corbyn's Nazi Death Cult, or the misogynist Bernie Bros, or the MAGA-hat terrorists, or any of the other real or …

OPEC+ Approve Biggest Ever Oil Cut Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
telesurenglish.net | 2020-04-12
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Russia and other oil-producing nations agreed Sunday to cut output by a record amount, representing around 10 percent of global supply, to support oil prices amid the coronavirus pandemic. | RELATED: | Oil Falls 30% As Saudi Arabia Slashes Prices, Sparks Price War | Two OPEC+ sources told Reuters the deal had been sealed in a video conference on Sunday, and the agreement was confirmed in a statement from Kazakhstan's e…

New COVID-19 project will use the power of smartphones to search for treatments
imperial.ac.uk | 2020-04-08
Imperial researchers will look for potential new treatments for COVID-19 using the computing power of people's smartphones.

[Correspondence] COVID-19 gives the lie to global health expertise
Sarah L Dalglish | thelancet.com | 2020-03-26
As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak began spreading in Europe and the USA, a chart started circulating online showing ratings from the 2019 Global Health Security Index, an assessment of 195 countries' capacity to face infectious disease outbreaks, compiled by the US-based Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health's Center for Health Security. The USA was ranked first, and the UK second; South Korea was ranked ninth, and China 51st; most African countries were at the bottom of the ranking.